About Us

disclaimer: We don’t own any CBD property etc but just want to make sure Christchurch ends up making the most of this unique opportunity to rebuild.

The aim
The aim of this website is to make sure we all think “outside the box” when we consider how to rebuild the CBD of our beloved Christchurch. This is a chance to turning Christchurch into an iconic world city without costing a fortune.

A few of us have been bouncing these ideas around (and they have been mentioned else where) so we thought we’d put a bit of effort into communicating and generating support for the idea of Christchurch being the world’s elevated Garden City.

We are no experts at most of this but figured we would get our idea out there and invite others to contribute to the concept and see what we can all create. We are great believers in tapping into creative people from all over the world to discuss and build out the concepts. If you want to contribute please register and add a post with your ideas, contact us, or just add your comments about the existing content.

This site is the synthesis of a bunch of people and was started by:

  • Grant Ryan is an addicted inventor/entrepreneur (YikeBike, SLI-Systems, GlobalBrian) and is on the board of Canterbury Development Corporation and Ministry of Science and Innovation.
  • Julian Cone has been working with web technologies as a systems architect, administrator and software engineer since late last century (1994 to be exact), with Landcare Research, NBCi, RealContacts, Eurekster and most recently YikeBike. He also founded PlanetNZ.com,  which hosts the PDA user website PalmHeads, and rugby fan website, RugbyHeads, amongst other things. He has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geography and Information Systems from the University of Canterbury, which attracted him to Christchurch, and he has made it is home ever since. He mis-manages this website.
  • Sander Murray – very talented modeller who currently works as marketing manager at YikeBike.

but also has had contributions so far from:

  • Andy Spargo
  • Jill Pears
  • …and a multitude of interested commenters (thanks!)

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Hey there…was just shown this by a friend…wondering if it still has legs?


  2. Awesome ideas, worth spreading. Hope we can get the message across and build the city of the future.

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  4. Andrew Male says:

    Fancy doing a 10 min presentation to Revit users of christchurch? give me a shout on andrew,.male@mwhglobal.com

  5. Lucette says:

    I like this concept and your pictures. I wonder if all the buildings will really be GREY? And modern? And is there enough depth in the earth on top of the buildings for the root systems of those large trees?
    Go go creative, problem solving minds!
    Lucette : )

  6. Tiff says:

    Great innovative ideas worth pursuing and sharing and creating! Will keep an eye on this website. Low safe buildings, gardens and greenery, integrated walkways, an eco friendly village, inspiring for all New Zealand cities