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The concept of Skyways

In a recent comment Mike said, “Daniel has obviously never been to Minneapolis Minnesota in the USA. They solved the weather, connectivity and transportation problems by interconnecting all of the CBD 1st floors…warm in the winter, cool in the summer … Continue reading

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Example of elevated garden city concept for a block

This is an example of how the elevated garden city could look for an entire block in the city. The key things that are a little different and more practical than initial concepts are: The elevated garden is only one … Continue reading

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Summary of the idea and resulting comments

Foreword: I’m really impressed by the quantity of discussion this website has generated. Hundreds of comments added by both convinced and unconvinced people show that people want to be involved in the city’s future even if they don’t agree what … Continue reading

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So what next? How can you help?

Firstly – what a clever lot you all are….fantastic set of ideas and discussion that is very cool to see it evolving in interesting directions. It feels like you have taken ownership of this already which is exactly what we … Continue reading

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My thoughts on the Elevated Garden City idea

Grant shared the Elevated Garden City with me over the phone last week. It immediately sounded pretty cool. In my past professional life I graduated from Canterbury Uni with an hons degree in Geography, and then spent the first 8 … Continue reading

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