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So what next? How can I help?

Spread the word so lots of people know about it and feel free to chip in with ideas. We are very keen to have people create sketches/models that can add more detail to these ideas.

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Hasn’t this all been done before?

Gardens on roofs are not new. Re-building a CBD linking them all together to have an elevated city space is new. Christchurch will be a world first to demonstrate a new model for the 21st century that people will love … Continue reading

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Why are the buildings boring, grey, rectangular? Where is the chalice? Why are the gardens so boring with mostly grass? Why are the bridges/railings so tacky…

We were in a hurry, and detail is not necessary for the initial simple model to illustrate the concept.  Hopefully you can imagine how much better it will be when our talented local architects and designers add their  flare with … Continue reading

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